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Hip Hop Music With a Message

Posted in Hip Hop With a Message on November 12, 2007 by booksorbullets

Here is a list of Hip Hop artists, songs and CD’s with a message. Thanks to itunes, napster, youtube, etc. Many of these songs are still available. Please add your favorites.


Public Enemy
Poor Righteous Teachers
Wise Intelligent
KRS ONE/ Boogie Down Productions
Professor Griff
Dead Prez
Sister Souljah

Arrested Development


Boogie Down Productions: You Must Learn
X-Clan- Funkin’ Lesson
Professor Griff- Pawns in the Game
Public Enemy- Black is Back
Ice T -Lethal Weapon is My Mind
Dead Prez- Bigger Than Hip Hop

Renegades of Funk-Soulsonic Force

Revolution- Arrested Development