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The Books or Bullets Movement

Posted in Books or Bullets Movement on October 29, 2007 by booksorbullets

Books or Bullets: The Choice is Yours!

The Mission: We believe that we are experiencing not a generation gap but an information gap and we will work towards raising the consciousness of the black community, especially the youth. If we are really serious about stopping youth violence we must replace bullets with books.

The Need: We understand that during slavery, black people were not allowed to read and we are still suffering from that legacy today. Later, black schools were separate and unequal giving black children an inferior education. Even today, black children are taught a Euro-centric education that downplays the contributions of African people. This coupled with an entertainment industry that promotes and glamorizes ignorance is the reason that our youth are in their current condition. Since information about black history has been stolen and information about current events has been hidden, the Books or Bullets Movement says “Stick em up!”

The Program:

1) We must return to the “each one teach one principle.”

2) We must develop study groups in communities across the country that will meet regularly to discuss black history and how it applies to current events.

3) We must aggressively develop a more informed black community by any means necessary.

How you can help:

1) Make a point to buy at “least” one book a month to give to a young person.

2) Clean out your closets and donate your old books dealing with black history/issues to the Books or Bullets Movement.

3) Always keep information in your posession that you can pass on to a young person, whether it be a book, CD, DVD or a news clip.

4) Develop a syllabus of reading material that you can give to others either hand to hand or via email.

5) Use for an information clearing house to post news stories, book reviews and announcements about current events.

6) Encourage radio DJ’s to become involved by featuring at least a weekly segment discussing a book that gives the historical basis for current events.
7) Encourage barbershops, beauty salons and other places where our people gather to have a small library of conscious reading material

For more information contact (919) 451-8283